All the fun of the fair

This year’s MCS Christmas Fair was aptly rebranded to the JS Autumn Fun Festival. It was a wonderful event with the boys of the Junior School enjoying a wide variety of fun stalls in the Sports Hall. It was busy, it was noisy, it was messy and sometimes it was just crazy! However, with JS teachers and parents at hand it was a great way for visitors to connect with their inner child while raising money for good causes.

The Sports Hall Balcony was transformed into a cosy café where delicious mince pies, mulled wine, cake and tea beckoned. Exam tables and chairs transformed to provide an opportunity of calmness or connection with other parents, and Dr David Bebbington and Mr John Place who were on hand to sign copies of their recent publications.

A very big thank you goes out from the PA to Mr Tim Skipwith, Head of Junior School, and the various school departments who volunteered their support for this worthwhile event.