A play in a day

Yesterday Junior School boys celebrated Roald Dahl’s centenary with a Play-in-a-Day workshop, run by Creation Theatre. 

The day started with a whole school assembly, where boys brought a brilliant selection of Roald Dahl-inspired props to mark the occasion. 

Boys were then split into their six houses and each group worked on a section of either Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The Witches. With characteristic energy and enthusiasm, the boys soon got down to learning their parts ready for an end of day production, to be performed in Big School in front of parents and staff.

It was a huge ask of the boys: to learn a third of a play in just a few short hours and then to perform it on a grand stage, especially considering some only joined us four days ago and they may not have even known everyone in their group! However, they all played their part in putting on impressive performances. 

Congratulations boys!