The Juvenes Translatores Competition is an annual competition launched by the European Commission for pupils at the age of 17. 

Over 750 schools from all 28 European countries are participating in the contest, with any language pair between all languages spoken in the EU. Rules dictate that there is only one winner per country, but other excellent translations are acknowledged.

Congratulations to Joe Hancock (GER-EN), Tomos Haynes (FR-EN), and Daniel Brooks (GER-EN), all of whom received a 'Special Mention' for their translation. The jury said that these winners 'understand meaning and context, and interpret the style-level of the source language correctly'. They also make “excellent or very good use of target language' with 'very few or no omissions'. All three were praised for being 'creative yet true to meaning', making 'only small mistakes regarding grammar, terms or spelling (made up for by overall impression)'.