On Monday 25 February, the Upper 4th Theologians embarked upon their annual trip to various local places of worship: the Oxford Buddha Vihara, Blackfriars Hall and St Nicholas Orthodox Church. Dr Jamie Carter, Head of Theology and Head of the Upper 4th, recounts the trip:

'The day began, as usual, with a visit to the Vihara, who for years have kindly hosted many generations of MCS Theologians keen to deepen their understanding of Buddhist teaching, philosophy and practice. The boys were led in a round of meditation, which was as enjoyable as it was challenging, and discussion covered a diversity of topics, ranging from the nature of time to politics in South East Asia.

This visit was followed by a stop at Blackfriars Hall, a Dominican community in the heart of Oxford and a Permanent Private Hall of the University. The boys were extremely fortunate to be guided by Dr Lucy Wooding of Lincoln College, who shared some fascinating details of the history of Catholicism and the Dominicans in Oxford.

The trip finished at St Nicholas, where our host, Father Stephen, provided the boys with an insight into the history and theology of Orthodox Christianity, including the opportunity to observe and inquire about the use and significance of icons in the Orthodox tradition.

It was another memorable and informative morning for our Upper 4th pupils, and we are deeply grateful to our hosts for their generosity, especially to Dr Wooding for lending us her expertise. The Lower 4th are already looking forward to next year's trip!'