National Plate Round 4: v Wellington School: 1st XI won 6-1 and now play King's Taunton after the Easter break; The U16s unfortunately lost their round 4 game against Taunton School 4-2.

v Warwick: 2nd XI won 4-0; 3rd XI won 4-0; U15A won 7-0; U15B won 7-2; U15C won 5-1; U14A drew 1-1; U14C won 6-1; U12A drew 4-4; U12B drew 5-5; U12C won 4-2; U12D won 8-1. 

v Bloxham: U13B lost 7-3 v Bloxham U13A; U13C lost 2-1 v Bloxham U13B. 

Well done to all players who were involved in the Tour Festival at Hawks on Saturday. Nearly £400 was raised on the day, which will go towards buying sports kit and equipment for South African pupils in the school that the hockey tour group visit this summer.


v Headington: 1st VII lost 32-22; 2nd VII won 23-16; 3rd VII lost 23-22. 

v Marlborough: 1st VII lost 46-24; 2nd VII lost 28-27; 3rd VII lost 30-13. 

Rugby 7s

Sibford Tournament: The U16s played well to finish third. However, the 1st team and the U15As both won their respective tournaments. A great achievement against a number of competitive schools. Trophies will be presented soon. 


v Faringdon Community College: 2nd team lost 4-1.

v Oxford High School: Girls' 1st team lost 6-0. 

v Shiplake: 1st team lost 5-2; 2nd team won 4-3 on penalties following a 2-2 draw; 3rd team drew 2-2. 


v Abingdon: 1st team lost 4-2. 

Team of the week – The 1st VII for their win at the Sibford 7s tournament.