On a soggy morning in March, a group of 12 L6th volunteers arrived with two staff at the John Henry Newman school. 

The school had been invited by JHN to participate in their Science Activity Week. Pupils were initially admitted to the site and shown to the room where we were to host our inaugural JHN-MCS Science Activity Circus. They set up quickly and very soon after, welcomed their first arrivals. Each group of children had five minutes of very hands on activities at each station, covering the full range of the sciences. These included: making bouncy custard balls, red cabbage indicator paintings and secret writing, bangs, fire and fizzes with various chemicals, static electricity and balloons, microscopy and slides and magnets and magnetic field art. 

James Bridson, Mariana Bui, James Edmiston, Sooyeon Han, Dan Innes, Duncan Knox, Michael Reichenberg-Ashby, Chris Tse, Marina Ventikos, Aisha Warner, Jamie Wright and Bocheng Xiao were all fantastic ambassadors for the school. They managed to enthuse about 60 mixed-ability children, keeping them calm enough to be engaged and learn something new whilst helping them to feel excited by the activities.