Four MCS pupils have been successful as participants in the Oxford Music Festival's recent open classes. 

Lower Sixth students James Edmiston, Kevin Zheng and Quinn Obbink as a piano trio placed first in OMF's Chamber Music Class, with James also placing first in an Open Piano Class for French composers.

From the fifth form, Archie, Hugo and Elliott were all awarded a distinction at OMF's Chamber Ensemble Under-18 Class. The boys played the opening movement from Kasper Kummer's trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon. The adjudicator praised the boys for the outstanding quality of their sound and for their 'delightful dynamic shaping'. 

Roshan Hall (U4) won the Concerto Class, playing Nielsen's Flute Concerto.

The Oxford Music Festival was founded in 1974 and is affiliated to the The British and International Federation of Festivals of Music, Dance & Speech. The festival encourages a communal approach to musical education, enabling performers to learn by communicating with one another, by way of demonstration and feedback. The festival has a particular emphasis on listening as a form of engagement that leads to a wider understanding and appreciation of one's instrument.

You can find out more about the festival here.