Safeguarding future generations

The Junior School went off timetable for a fun and informative Sustainability Day.

An exciting day of talks and activities relating to geography, history, art and music helped the boys develop their understanding of the role of sustainable development in safeguarding future generations of life on the planet.

The day culminated in the boys making papier mâché penguins using the school library’s old Encyclopaedias and Decopatch casts supplied by Unique Creations. They also got the chance to marry their love for music and the environment with a special sustainability song.

The day featured talks from pupils’ parent who work in the areas of climate change, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and waste resource management, and there were also practical sessions on the endangered Emperor Penguin and the impact of the industrial revolution.

JS Tutor and the day’s organiser Mrs Winstone said: “I was recently reminded of a wonderful African Proverb: If you think you are too small to make a difference, then you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito. Friday will highlight to the boys that sustainability isn’t just about filling their blue wheelie bin each week, it is more. It is a way of life that will affect their future lives and careers. “