Lords of the Manor

J2 boys and staff dressed up in Tudor attire to visit Sulgrave Manor, a large Tudor Manor House with a rich history. The Manor was built in the mid-16th century by Lawrence Washington, the five times great grandfather of the first President of the USA, George Washington. It housed generations of the Washington family until it was sold in 1659. Parts of the house appear much today as they would have done when Lawrence Washington completed it and authentic Tudor furnishings still fill the rooms. The MCS boys discovered about 'Leisure and Entertainment in Tudor Times'.

J2 pupil Dimitri Coussios has more:

We went to Sulgrave Manor for your J2 trip. We learned how the poor and rich used to eat, sleep and spend their everyday life during the 14th and 15th centuries in the period of the Tudors. First we visited the place where the blacksmith’s family used to live. They had the poorest homes in the whole area. We were given details about the blacksmith’s work and way of life. After that we walked through George Washington’s gardens an entered his house. I was very impressed by a hall full of chairs and a table dressed for a rich dinner as well as the kitchen. There we learned how they baked bread, grilled sheep meat and served neatly cut food. Finally, we sat down right next to the beds where the Washington; family used to sleep. In the same room his wife would prepare the thread she used for sewing. The most impressive item in this room was a gigantic bed belonging to George Washington. In the afternoon we learned that ‘Goodbye’ comes from ‘God be Ye’ and did a Mummers Play. We also played games including Three Men’s Morris and Nims and learned how to do spinning tops from a rope and stick. As we left we said our goodbyes to the people who kindly showed us around.