Profits from all MCS Gifts go to support the Bursary Fund at MCS.

If you wish to order an item shown below, please contact the Waynflete Office on 01865 253499 or If you are a current parent, you can purchase MCS gifts on your school bill. Please complete this form and return it by post, pupil or email to the Waynflete Office.

Teddy Bear £10

Mister Brownrigg’s 

MCS Notebook  £5

MCS Mug £10

MCS Apron £15

MCS Umbrella £22

OW Striped Socks £10

MCS champagne and MCS ale 

£30 and £3.50 per bottle

MCS playing cards 

£4 per pack

MCS tea  £5

MCS Coasters 
£10 for a pack of 4

OW Cufflinks £30

Laurence Brockliss’s history of MCS £5

MCS Pencil 50p

More Archive Recordings 
Music CD

MCS hat, gloves and scarf set
£10 per pack

OW Charm £5

MCS Rugby Ball £5

Commemorative Cricket Ball £5

Sterling silver Lily 

OW Lily Tie 
£12 (polyester), £30 (silk)
OW Striped Tie 
£8 (polyester), £20 (silk)
OW Lily Bow Tie
£18 (polyester), £30 (silk)
VOW Silver Tie
£12 (polyester)
Two Cheers for Dr Arnold by Bob Stanier  £10Victorian Masters £4MCS Playing Field Print £10Print of MCS pre-Richard Record Centre  £2 (collection only)

Further cds featuring Magdalen College choir are available from the Oxford University Shop: