The majority of pupils are admitted to the MCS Junior School at 7, though it is possible to join in subsequent years depending on availability of places. 

All candidates sit the appropriate entrance examination in the January preceding entry in September.

In all our exams, we look carefully for potential, not simply current attainment. 

We take a keen interest in the school reference, the wider interests of the applicant, and any other relevant information. 

Tests and interviews are designed to explore the way in which each child thinks, helping us to assess his promise and potential. No special preparation is expected or required.

Further information regarding Junior School admissions and what to expect from the test days is available below.

7+ Entry: Further information and sample paper

8+ Entry: Further information and sample paper

9+ Entry: Further information and sample paper

Admission as a chorister

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Registrar at any stage of the admissions and applications process (01865 253430).

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