Joining the Junior School 8+ or 9+


Boys take tests in English (spelling, descriptive writing and three comprehension exercises) and Maths. Tests are relatively short (15‐20 minutes each for each part of the English test and 45 minutes for the Maths test) and there are breaks between them.

All candidates are tested together and many of the tests are teacher led.

Most boys will be invited back to MCS for interviews about a week after the test day. The interviews will be with the Head of the Junior School, Mr Skipwith, and another senior member of staff.

The interview will last 8–10 minutes, and will be a relaxed chat following the boy's own interests. He will be invited to bring an object (or picture) to stimulate discussion.

We want boys to have a good time when they are with us for both tests and interviews and do our very best to make the process fun.  As parent of one of our recent candidates said: ‘Thank you to everyone at MCS for making the process for my son so painless. After his interview I said “Did you have a nice time?”– and his reply “It was brilliant”!’

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