Tim Hands is the author of three contrasting works on Thomas Hardy, all published by Macmillan. These are a biographical reference guide to Hardy’s life and work; a specialised study of Hardy’s early interest in ordination and its subsequent effect on his novels; and a comprehensive survey of the author’s life and work in the Macmillan Writers in their Times series. He has also written extensive articles in the Oxford Reader's Companion to Hardy (Oxford University Press 2001) and The Ashgate Research Companion to Hardy (Ashgate 2010). Review extracts follow.

Thomas Hardy: Distracted Preacher? (Macmillan 1989)

“The fullest account we have of this crucial aspect of Hardy’s life.” (Year’s Work in English Studies 1989)

“An admirable effort to uncover the facts of Hardy’s early religious experience and their importance in his writing.... Admirable for the range and thoroughness of the detail it provides.... An important contribution to Hardy scholarship.” (Literature in Transition 1990)

A Hardy Chronology (Macmillan 1992)

“Another notable contribution.... Students and readers will welcome this compilation.” (Year’s Work in English Studies 1992)

Thomas Hardy: Writers in their Time (Macmillan 1995)

“A major achievement.... As an introductory study of Hardy’s work, there is today probably none better.” (English Literature in Transition 1995)

“Hands charts a remarkably clear course through his material.... If Hardy and his work can be grasped through a two hundred page introduction, this is it. Highly recommended for all academic collections.” (Choice’s Outstanding Academic Books 1992–1997 )