Red Diary

Michaelmas 2018 Red Diary Calendar


Michaelmas 2018 Diary in ICS format (for import into iCal Calendars on electronic devices)

Term and Holiday Dates for 2018-2019

Michaelmas 2018

Monday 3 September:                                        Staff INSET

Tuesday 4 September:                                        Staff INSET and Induction for all 2nd Form and new L6th Form

Wednesday 5 September:                                   Term begins for 2nd Form, new boys in L4th, and all L6th

Thursday 6 September:                                      Term begins

Saturday 15 September:                                     Open Morning

Saturday 13 October:                                         Half term begins after sports fixtures

Sunday 28 October:                                           Half term ends

Thursday 13 December:                                    Term ends at 3.50pm

Hilary 2019

Friday 4 January:                                                Staff INSET

Monday 7 January:                                             Term begins

Friday 15 February:                                            Half term begins at 3.50pm

Sunday 24 February:                                           Half term ends

Wednesday 3 April:                                            Term ends at 3.50pm

Trinity 2019

Wednesday 24 April:                                          Term begins

Friday 24 May:                                                   Half term begins at 3.50pm

Sunday 2 June:                                                   Half term ends

Saturday 6 July:                                                  Commemoration Day

Monday 8 July:                                                   Staff INSET