Stormy oceans, mythical creatures, and bloodthirsty brawling were all in an evening’s work for J3 boys for their performance of Homer’s The Odyssey

The play was a product of the Junior School’s new ‘Activities Afternoon’, a venture which has seen pupils take on a whole range of ambitious challenges, forming cross-curricular links whilst placing academic rigour into novel contexts. Faced with a demanding script that would challenge many pupils of a significantly older age, J3 boys were nonetheless able to give a remarkable enactment of this timeless classic.

Perhaps the most pleasing outcome of the whole project has been the newfound keenness for Drama that many pupils seem to have gained. Numerous boys who had previously remained unexposed to what this field has to offer have now found themselves eager to seek out further opportunities to act going forward. Throughout the rehearsal process, it was clear that boys were enjoying putting in the high effort levels that were required of them. When told that you will be obliged to visit the Greek underworld, why not have a smile on your face?